Spread Insights Throughout Your Company and Empower Leaders to Make Data-Driven Decisions

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Choose Your Definitive “Must-Have” Repository

Learn the pros and cons of data lakes, warehouses, and the emerging “lakehouse.” Through charts, checklists, and advice from industry experts, you’ll uncover the right repository for your unique needs.

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Discover Insights from Unexpected Places

Learn how some repositories can help you leverage data from unconventional sources, such as video and audio files. Also, figure out which repository puts you in the best position to use real-time data.

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Make Your Company More Data-Driven

Look beyond data repositories to your larger journey to become data-driven, including guidance on data governance, data maturity, automating analytics, and more.

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In this e-book, you’ll find:

- Side-by-side breakdowns of data lakes’ and data warehouses’ benefits

- Real-world case studies from a senior business intelligence expert

- Quotes from thought leaders, including the CIO who coined the phrase “data lake”

- In-depth consideration of alternatives, such as data lakehouses 

- Insights for your broader journey to become data-driven